What's Your Favorite Cheese?
Monteray Jack - 12.5%
Parmesan - 5%
Romano - 0%
Cheese Curds - 47.5%
Pepper Jack - 15%
Aisago - 2.5%
Muenster - 10%
Mozzarella - 7.5%
Provolone - 0%
or Gouda - 0%

Total votes: 40
The voting for this poll has ended on: December 20, 2013

Cheese Knowledge

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Cheese Knowledge:


Romano cheese is a traditional Italian cheese, named after the city of Rome, which has been manufacturing it since before the birth of Christ. 

The cheese has a rich creamy yellow color, a slightly granular texture, and a sharp, tangy, salty flavor, and is usually grated over other dishes, although it can be eaten plain.  (



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