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Mullins Cheese is the  largest family-owned and operated cheese factory in Wisconsin.  As the family has grown, so has the operation.  In addition to the original Knowlton facility, there is a second facility in the Marshfield area.  Both plants are continually updated with the latest technology to make them more efficient.  We supply premium quality cheese to our customers throughout the United States.

In 2001, Mullins Cheese expanded its operation to include a whey processing facility to produce whey protein isolate powder in addition to other by-products.  Through the use of ultrafiltration and microfiltration processes, whey protein can be concentrated from cheese whey to greater than 90% protein. With is high biological value, eases of digestion, and immune-boosting capabilities, whey protein isolate powder is an excellent source of protein for nutrition.  Mullins Whey products are sold worldwide for use in nutritional supplements, sports drinks, and food products.


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