Cheese Knowledge

   Did you know...




• 1970– John and Bernice Mullins purchase two cheese plants in Knowlton and Riplinger Wisconsin. Total production was 40,000 lbs of milk daily from 160 dairy farms. 90% of that milk was still brought into the factory in 100 lb milk cans.

• 1973– 100% of milk is now brought in bulk trucks.

• 1983– The first automation is brought into the plants with newer style cheese vats.

• 1986– Both plants are consolidated at the current Knowlton facility.

• 1988– A whey evaporator is installed for condensing whey.

• 1989– Blockformers are installed (automated cheese block pressing machines).

• 1993– A cheddaring machine is installed to increase production.

• 2001– Whey Plant expands to separate valuable whey protein from raw whey. This is done with modern membrane filtration equipment. It is then processed in a spray drying machine.

• 2003– Mullins purchases a cheese plant in Marshfield, WI; 25 miles west of the Knowlton plant.

• 2005– A drying plant is built to process whey permeate (a by-product of making whey protein).

• 2010– The Marshfield plant is remodeled doubling its capacity.

• Present Day–Mullins produces over 4 million lbs of milk a day at its two plants, milk is picked up  from over 850 dairy farms all over central Wisconsin.